The Private Pilot Course offered by Aeroclub de Catalunya is intended for those who want to fly for sport and / or leisure purposes; Or for those students who want to start their training as Commercial Pilots through the Modular Course.


Aeroclub de Catalunya Private Pilot Course is based on private pilot courses approved and regulated by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), offering the following advantages:


Official theoretical examinations are conducted at the school under the supervision of the instructional officer. The official exams carries out in the school.


The theoretical ones are done at a distance. We deliver necessary learning material so you can prepare at your own pace. However we always offer support and even some theoretical class if the student requires it.


The time of the Course is reduced, if the student has availability the course can be done in two months


The Multi Engine Piston rating extends the privileges of a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) and allows you to pilot aircraft with more than one engine.


One of the main take-aways of the training is to understand the differences between a single engine piston and a multi-engine piston.

he privileges of the MEP is that it allows you to pilot aircraft with more than one engine.


The Multi-Engine Piston rating is valid for 12 months and is renewed with a flight test with a Flight Examiner (FE).


Course oriented for pilots with at least one private pilot license (PPL), wich does not require any theoretical course. Obtaining this qualification enables the pilot to perform night flights, required to obtain the commercial pilot license (CPL).


We recommend to perform this course once the student exceeds a minimum of 100 flight hours and finishing theoretical ATPL course or before beginning instrument rating course.


The night visual flight training takes about 2 days, making a round trip flight to Gerona or Reus Airport, which is distributed as follows:


Briefing & Debriefing - Dual hours - Hours SINGLE - Total hours


5:00 4:00 1:00 5:00


Sabadell Airport

Sabadell , c.p 08205


Tel: +34931180687



Son Bonet Airport

Marratxi , c.p 07141

Palma de Mallorca

Tel: +34971 608 016



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